June 10, 2020

A Well-Maintained Airplane Is a Safe Airplane

Episode 27

Air crash investigators Greg Feith and John Goglia have seen too often that the safety of general aviation aircraft can be compromised by lack of maintenance. Their special guest this week has an hourly cost maintenance program to address that.


PistonPower™ is a comprehensive protection program for piston aircraft. Guest Remi Szymanski, Vice President for Business Development, discusses how the program works. With a fixed monthly cost, PistonPower creates a predictable maintenance budget for business and personal flying. 


Turbine aircraft have had programs that cover maintenance costs for a long time. Now piston aircraft can have the same type program. 


Listen to the episode to explore the details from John’s perspective as a wrench turner, Greg’s as a pilot, and both of their experiences as accident investigators.


Viewers can also learn more at the PistonPower website, https://pistonpower.com/

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