September 18, 2019

Who’s Accountable and What Caused the Ethiopian Airlines Crash?

Episode 3

"In the US we have the NTSB which is an independent investigative authority.  Ethiopia does not have that. How is it that that they are going to be held accountable?" 
"Some preliminary information...indicates that the AoA vane (an exterior part that measures the plane's angle of attack) was in question - either it failed on takeoff or because of a possible bird strike."  
Captain George H. Snyder, President and CEO of GHS Aviation Group and former Vice President of safety for USAir and Korean Airlines, discusses the preliminary findings of the March 2018 Ethiopian Airlines crash with Flight Safety Detectives Greg Feith and John Goglia.
As we wait the full report's findings, the trio discuss the fact that the worldwide aviation industry is waking up to the certification process, training standards and the power of investigation. This was essentially a brand new airplane and there was no reason to  believe it was not airworthy.  

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