March 27, 2020

Are Active Winglets the Next Game Changer for Aviation?

Episode 19


John Goglia, center, with Tamarack’s Jacob Klinginsmith (left) and Nick Guida

Guests Nick Guida and Jacob Klinginsmith from Tamarack Aerospace Group talk about the company’s patented active winglets. Installed now on 100 Citation Jets, the winglets have proven to offer better climb, more range, and less fuel burn.

Active Winglets add up to 33 percent fuel savings on general aviation aircraft and at least double or triple fuel savings percentage on commercial or most military airframes. 

Greg and John discuss the genesis of the idea, the impact for pilots, the effect on aircraft performance, and the environmental benefits of the active winglet technology. They look at the potential for military, commercial and general aviation.

They also explore a 2018 accident involving a Citation Jet equipped with active winglets. Despite initial negative press, the Tamarack technology was cleared for flight. Guida and Klinginsmith share lessons learned and ongoing efforts to work with the FAA to get out accurate information.


About Tamarack

Tamarack designs and develops innovative technology for business, commercial, and military aircraft, specializing in its revolutionary Active Winglets. Tamarack winglets create performance and fuel efficiencies that make aircraft more cost effective for operators and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More information is at the Tamarack website.

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