April 10, 2020

Corona Virus Will Reshape the Aviation Industry

Episode 20


Parked airplanes, photos courtesy of Ishrion Aviation

The corona virus pandemic will impact all aspects of aviation. Will the industry bounce back? Will it look the same?

The flying public will have increased safety concerns and expectations. Airlines will have to deal with impacts on planes, crews and procedures. John and Greg explore these implications and much more.

Some predictions:

  • Fleets will be reshaped, with planned retirements of 767s and other older planes accelerated
  • The anticipated pilot shortage will not be as acute, with fewer planes flying
  • Business travel will decrease with remote work and telecommuting becoming more common
  • New procedures will be needed for cleaning airplanes that prevents spread of the virus

The traveling public will need to be reassured that flying is safe. Social distancing and greater understanding of how viruses spread will change the way everyone looks at flying for work or pleasure. Airlines, airports, government and more will need to restore the confidence of the traveling public.

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