May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Requires a New Approach to Air Safety

Episode 23

As the world looks to get back on track, front and center is the need to maintain protections to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This is a challenge for the aviation industry that does not yet have a clear answer.

Greg, John and guest Dr. Joe Kravitz explore some options. They outline what is known about preventing the spread of viruses and the very real challenges of ensuring safety of crew members and passengers in air cabins.

Dr. Kravitz discusses the science behind the protocols he uses to assure safety and hygiene in his dental practice. The conversation highlights the challenge of disinfecting aircraft, the downsides of solutions that are being discussed, and what’s needed to truly provide a measure of safety.

COVID-19 will change air travel. This is one in a series of episodes where Greg and John explore the many implications.

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