January 16, 2020

Lion Air Accident Report Analysis

Episode 14

Greg and John do a moment by moment analysis of the events leading up to the crash of Lion Air Flight 610.
They share their takeaways following months of dissecting the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) final report regarding the crash. They put the facts in context – facts listed in the report as well as details that are missing.
The MCAS system that is widely blamed for the crash was activated for only 10 seconds of the first 6 minutes of the 11:37 flight. The report shows that the pilot was controlling the plane.
The Flight Safety Detectives find:

  • The airplane was not airworthy for days prior to the crash
  • Maintenance was not done properly
  • Flight crew stresses: the captain was sick and the first officer was called in ahead of his regular schedule
  • At takeoff, aircraft control warnings were triggered that are not analyzed for impact on the sequence of events
  • Flight crew did not follow procedures
  • Quality of the pilot training program is not examined
John and Greg bring in insights from other crashes to provide an unmatched analysis of this tragedy.

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