December 18, 2019

Patience! Tips for Safe Air Travel this Holiday Season

Episode 11

The holiday season is a busy time for air travel. John and Greg advise that patience and planning can minimize the stress of holiday travel and help you arrive safely.
  • Give yourself plenty of extra time
  • Be sure your bags don’t have any prohibited items and meet size and weight limits
  • Review current TSA rules so you can get through security smoothly
  • Once on the plane, review the safety information and have a mental plan in case of emergency
Keep in mind that all the people who work in airports and on airplanes are trained professionals who want to keep you safe. Treat them with respect.
John and Greg note that air travel is safe and chances of an accident are minimal. A little preparation can make your holiday travels go smoothly.
In addition to offering these and other tips for a safe and stress-free flight, John and Greg call on the FAA to reconsider flight evacuation procedures. Reduced seating areas, passenger mobility issues, and other factors of modern air travel impact flight crews’ ability to meet the 90-second standard for evacuations. 
Happy holidays from the Flight Safety Detectives!

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