March 18, 2020

Talking Drones with Drone Queen Loretta Alkalay

Episode 18

Loretta Alkalay, a retired regional counsel for the FAA Eastern Region, is known as the “drone queen” for her passion as a drone user. She is this episode’s special guest as John and Greg explore all things drone.

Drones are an exciting way to get kids, and especially girls, involved in aviation at a time when the industry needs to build a pipeline of new talent. However, their use for commercial purposes, privacy concerns, and other issues have led to confusion and a rush for regulation.

John, Greg, and Loretta talk about current regulations as well as the FAA’s proposed rule on remote ID for drones.

They also bust some myths:

  • Drones can legally fly above 400 feet
  • It is not illegal for drones to fly within 5 miles of an airport

Learn more about the current state of drones in the US in this lively episode. Also check out the referenced resources, Women Who Drone and Women and Drones.

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