July 7, 2020

The Cost of Flight Safety

Episode 29

Flight Safety Detectives Greg Feith and John Goglia look at the many costs associated with flight safety. Costs include dollars and lives.

July is proving to be a deadly month in the skies. In the first 7 days there were 7 fatal accidents, several with multiple fatalities. As investigations begin, John and Greg look at common potential factors like weather, mechanical issues, fuel supply and more.

They shed light on a new factor – COVID-19. Many pilots have been grounded during the pandemic. Pilots need to “get back in the books” to maintain flight skills. They need to recommit to the checklists that are designed to ensure safe operations.

John and Greg discuss how airlines and pilots often avoid acting on airworthiness directives (ADs) and service bulletins because of the time and cost involved. They share many illustrations of the larger costs of crashes and loss of lives.

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