July 29, 2020

Time for Manufacturers to Put Safety Over Profits

Episode 31

Greg and John are torqued! Too many accidents, too much pilot error and too little attention to safety lessons learned.

Greg and John are not happy with the state of the industry and propose that manufacturers step in to make sure aircraft don’t wind up in the hands of airlines and pilots not equipped to operate safely. It is time to put safety over profits.

This episode covers recent accidents, including a plane piloted by a former baseball player, a mid-air crash over Lake Croeur, and a Pakistan International Airlines crash. All, they argue, can be directly attributed to pilot error.

General and commercial aviation will not be the same after COVID-19. Greg and John say this is a perfect time to change up approaches to safety.

They’d like to see more incentives for pilots to actively maintain their training and safety skills. They call on manufacturers to collaborate to create standards that customers must meet in order to qualify to purchase aircraft.

Listen as they explore ideas to reinvent the industry to incentivize safety.

Photo: Shadman Samee from Dhaka, Bangladesh / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

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